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At Fitness Frenzi we believe that exercise should be fun as well as effective.



All of our classes have that friendly, community feel and our instructors are trained to make sure that every person who comes along has fun as well as a good work out.




Zumba stats:

Cardio 80%
Strength 40%
Mind + Body 80%

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.

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Powerhoop stats:

Cardio 60%
Strength 70%
Mind + Body 60%

With regular use, the Powerhoop also contributes to weight loss/calorie burn, reduced lower back pain and improved coordination.

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Fitness Frenzi: fitness in your community

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  • Life before Fitness Frenzi was endless evenings of TV soaps and struggling with my battle with food. I attended my first class in January 2012, after being totally depressed about my yoyo size. I started doing 2 classes a week but before I knew it I was a Zumba addict fitting in 4/5 sessions without fail! I love it, I have gained confidence, found motivation, met new friends and feel great! I am now 30lbs lighter and down 2 dress sizes thanks to Chris’ inspiration, you can achieve anything if you believe.
    Sarah Hornsey
  • Fitness Frenzi and Chris Hillary have given me freedom and the confidence in my own abilities. I've met some fantastic lifelong friends who understand my weight struggle and previous lifestyle, it's helped me lose over 11.7 stone and keep it off; it’s fun without even realizing I'm exercising. I live for my Fitness Frenzi Zumba and Power Hoop fix, totally addicted, would never even consider giving it up!
    Sara Clipstone
  • Exercise and I just didn't go together. Then I was introduced by Friends to Chris's Zumba classes 18 months ago, really didn't think it was me but how wrong one can be I just loved it, as well as keeping fit I am also losing weight! I really enjoy the Friendly and happy atmosphere that Chris creates.
    Barbara Evett
  • Mike and I enjoy every Fitness Frenzi zumba and powerhoop session we attend! We love the energy which is put into each class, which makes us go back for more! It's as much a hobby as it is a way to continue to improve our fitness, wellbeing....and social life! We've both lost weight, toned up, gained confidence and made some fantastic friends. Fitness Frenzi has not only helped us, but has also helped raise money for various charities and other good causes.
    Mike And Michelle Tappenden
  • Chris ‘Zumba’ Hillary and Fitness Frenzi have changed my life. I live for my fun ‘exercise’ fix in Zumba and Power Hoop. I never knew exercise could be so enjoyable and that I would look forward to each class. I have made some wonderful true friends to have a laugh with and who support me through life’s trials. Zumba keeps me fit and also given me the confidence to dance on stage in front of everyone. Zumba is a fantastic way to exercise and have a social life too.
    Tracy Bennett
  • My Fitness Frenzi Fix is now a way of life for me. I love the community spirit, fun and friendship as well as the great feeling after a Zumba session. This is the only fitness programme I have ever kept up and it has been well over a year now. Fitness Frenzi Forever!!
    Jill Tipping